Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Grain Belt News. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Basics of the site

    1. The Policies and Rules for the site are simple but firm. This is an adult entertainment forum so don't act like a child and you will not be treated like one. We encourage the sharing of ideas, thoughts and information without judgement or censorship within reason. Failure to follow the board policies and rules can result in warnings, loss of special access and banishment.

      Review the Policies and Rules along with the items below to ensure you have a long and enjoyable stay with GBN. #
  2. Posting in The Forums

    1. Before you post, familiarize yourself with all the available categories and forums to assure you are posting in the proper location. If you have a thought on the election it goes in "Politics and Religion"; want to know more about a Contractor - "Requested Reviews"; a random thought you want to share and get feedback on - "General Thoughts"; you get the idea. If you take the time to look you will find a forum and possibly an existing topic that fits most anything you want to share or contribute. Try using the search function first to avoid duplicating a topic that already exists. #
    2. Always use the "Preview" option before you submit a post. This gives you the ability to see your post as it will appear to others and make changes if needed beforehand. Word censorship is enabled on this site. While you may post anything you wish there are a few select words that will be censored. Using the preview option will also show you any censorship that may occur. #
    3. The forums are monitored by Moderators and Admins and they have the final say on things. There are also some very respected and valued members of the site that may give you suggestions or a nudge in the right direction. We suggest listening to them and taking advice as you get it to avoid having to be officially warned or even banned. #
    4. If you are a Contractor looking to advertise there are specific rules for this also. Please see below under "Advertising Policies". #
  3. Advertising Policies

    1. The Forum Advertising policies are detailed out here. Please review this before attempting to make your first post. Failure to follow the rules can result in redaction's to your post, receiving of board warnings and banishment for egregious or excessive violations. #
    2. Please review as the following are some of the most commonly ignored policies:

      1) There will be NO mention of rates or specific acts. Ever. Ads that fail to follow this guideline will be removed, and if the poster posts a second ad without following this rule, they will be banned.

      2) Personal website links are permitted in your PROFILE ONLY they may not be included in the ad body or your signature. Anyone including a link must have a banner and link to Grain Belt News on their site also.

      3) No spamming the board. You may advertise up to once per week in a specific geographical area more then this will result in deletion of ads and possible discipline. #
    3. This is NOT Backpage! If you choose to post a typical BP type of ad you will find it gets little to know response or even deleted. There are some excellent Tips on Writing Ads to help create yours. #
    4. The single best thing you can do to gain attention and promote yourself is by interacting in the forums. Start by introducing yourself in the Greetings to New Members forum. Find topics that interest you and take part in the conversations and follow up on responses you receive in your posts. #
    5. Read the entire Forum Advertising Policies before you post or inquire with questions or concerns.

      GBN is first and foremost a discussion and news site that also offers advertising. Please respect the rules/policies and you will enjoy your time here. #
  4. New Members

    1. As a newly register member you will find that you have limited abilities and access. Until you have had five posts approved by a moderator (approval is to keep spam under control) you will not be able to use any of the system resources for contacting other members. #
    2. Privileges like the PM system and access to all areas of the site are not guaranteed. Once you have gained these things you must stay an active contributor or become a donor to the site if you wish to retain them.

      You can contribute to the forums and be an active member to retain your basic status or become a donor for this and expanded access. If you wish to help support the site financially you may do so HERE #
    3. Why am I a "Stall Mucker"? the title designation below your handle is by default and will change as you increase your post counts. You may also change this by becoming a Donor to the site this will give you one of three donor category titles for the next year. #