Hello Everyone!

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Hello Everyone!

Post by MissAvaStarr » Fri Jan 27, 2023 3:01 pm

Hello I accidentally skipped this step, I do not get on this site often as I only travel to Illinois area 3-4 times a year.


But Hi Ya'll I am Miss Ava Starr, I used to have an account a few years back with reviews before the big shut down of backpage and GBN who also suspended this site for awhile. So then I went back to Nursing full time for 3 years and took a break from the hobby, missed the hobby and all my friends I made along the way and decided to come back to this wonderful hobby full time and nursing now part time.

About Me:
Body Type

148 / 4'10"

Exotic Mix/Caucasion

Cup Size
34 C All Natural

Long Blonde Straight But Will And Do Curl It.

Shoe Size
5.5 - 6 heels

Eye Color

My Personal Website

Link to my reviews: Linktree-Reviews


What Our Experience Will Be Like:
I offer something for everybody's unique taste, as each & every inquiry is different, as we all crave and desire different Things from our fantasies.

You have never experienced real genuine passion or Intimacy until you have experienced me, from the time you walk in the door I will leave you feeling like the most wanted & desired man/woman alive, my REDACTED soft touch, with my sweet breath soft big REDACTED lips grazing your lips, staring deep into your eyes, touching, kissing and caressing, every inch of our bodies intertwining with one another's, we will enter into a new state of Ecstasy together, where we both get lost in our own world, even if it is for a short time.

Do you even remember what it feels like to have someone look at you with nothing but true lust, desire, passion, & want for you, to truly just crave all of you, when you look into my eyes you will see and feel exactly how much I truly do just admire, need, want, & crave every inch of you.

I am going to remind you of what pure sensational intimacy is like, and if you have never experienced that with anyone before then baby, you need to come see me, because every man and woman deserves that in their lives.

I enjoy spending time with guests of all kinds, from first-timers to extreme hobbyist, from the shy quiet type, to the outgoing personalities.

I am your teacher, your lover, your rock,your companion, your best friend, your mistress, your girl friend, I am everything you have ever needed and wanted in a woman and so much more.


I cannot wait to embark on new and exciting adventures with current, and new friends.

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