On the fence on buying a banner: Use This Coupon!

How to advertise on the Grain Belt News. READ BEFORE POSTING. Grain Belt News is an information and entertainment portal that permits advertising - not an advertising site with discussion. Ignoring these simple rules has led to apoplectic fits by people who find themselves cut off from the system.
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On the fence on buying a banner: Use This Coupon!

Post by Publisher » Thu Aug 20, 2020 7:45 am

One time use for a 25% discount when using a credit card to buy a banner on
GBN. This is available to NEW, Current and former advertisers - usable one time.

X4PBF2GV is the code to enter when using your credit card. Prepaid Visa works if you want to remain totally anonymous. This coupon is ONLY available via a credit card purchase.

See here for details

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