No Idea What's Going On - Only Info Received is below

Warnings about services and service companions who may be involved in activity not conducive to client safety. Tips should be emailed to
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No Idea What's Going On - Only Info Received is below

Post by The Witch » Mon Jul 25, 2016 10:14 am

Sender's Name: Sharonkay
Sender's Email:
Message: Hi I have been watching usa sexguide no i dont advertise
on there. Before the front page went off you could read all. Now
you can not. Any way i know two ladies advertise on there wete
busted by law and the man is using that site. I have tried to copy
what i saw on there but to late. I want all to be safe and no one
has said any thing about this on here. You need heads up on this
matter. You may call me at REDACTED I feel this is an inportant matter. Thanks for listing
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