Ladies Only: Here is How to Get Rid Of ....

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Ladies Only: Here is How to Get Rid Of ....

Post by Jakcool » Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:42 pm

Vaginal Odor

There are several ways to get rid of vaginal odor – some natural, some over-the-counter and some prescription strength.

If you do have an infection caused by an STD or bacteria (like bacterial vaginosis), please consult with your doctor before trying any over the counter method. Antibiotics or a prescription medication may be required to clear the infection.

If you’ve been advised by your doctor that an over the counter method is okay or the fishy smell is caused by something other than an infection, there are some things you can do at home to get rid of the smell.

But first, let’s talk about some things you should stop doing – because they’re probably making the problem worse.

1. Don’t Douche

Douching is not a good idea. Forcing water or a cleaning agent into your vagina can destroy healthy bacteria or push an infection up into your uterus. It’s best to avoid feminine sprays, too.

Remember: Your vagina has its own natural cleaning mechanism. There’s no need to force water or harsh chemicals into your vagina to keep it clean.

2. Don’t Wear Tight Underwear

Tight underwear can trap bacteria and sweat, which can create strong, fishy odors. Wear looser-fitting underwear and clothing to prevent this from happening.

3. Don’t Wash with Harsh Soap

Soaps with harsh chemicals or strong scents can irritate the vagina and in some cases, lead to an infection. Wash with a mild soap, or simply stick to plain water.

4. Eat Yogurt – the Best Natural Method

Yogurt contains natural beneficial bacteria that can help keep yeast infections at bay. It will take some time for this remedy to work, but it will keep the balance of good and bad bacteria at healthy levels.

Make sure that the yogurt contains live and active cultures.

Some women have also found success by applying the yogurt directly to the vulva.
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