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Life Imitates Art ....Airbus A350

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 1:59 pm
by Tirant_Loblanc
Real life A350

From the 2020 news:
The redesign came after two incidents in which an engine unexpectedly shut down in the middle of a flight, after drinks were spilled onto that control panel. (center console)

From the plot synopsis of 1964 movie "Fate Is the Hunter":
Eventually, a test flight is organized as part of the investigation. Piloted by McBane, its purpose is to exactly recreate the flight of the ill-fated airliner. Every detail is replicated in sequence. McBane tries to convince Webster to board the test flight, as she is the only remaining eyewitness to the cockpit procedures. She struggles through her post-traumatic reaction and boards the flight at the last moment. After take-off, Webster performs all of her normal duties and brings McBane coffee, just as she had done for the original flight crew. He sets the cup on a center console just as Savage had. McBane then shuts down an engine, simulating the bird strike. He orders the craft to not be immediately trimmed, as it was not during the original event.

A short time later, the second engine warning light and alarm indicates there is a serious engine fire in the remaining good engine, exactly as Webster had reported, and the radio fails. To maintain flight, McBane orders the first engine restarted. Then he notices that the coffee cup on the console spilled during the turbulence of the first engine shut-down. He opens the console's access panel and finds that coffee seeped in, short-circuiting the wiring and causing both the radio failure and a false fire warning. In reality both the original and test flights still had a fully functioning second engine, enough to prevent the crash. McBane orders the second engine restarted, disregarding its fire warning, and the plane returns safely to the airfield. Savage is therefore exonerated of pilot error as the chain of circumstances caused the accident.

Re: Life Imitates Art ....Airbus A350

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 5:08 pm
by The_Carpenter
Other than engine failure, exact same thing happened to my crew in a horse trailer, but with whiskey.
We went with xtra and larger cupholders