Second patient 'cured' of HIV using bone marrow

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Second patient 'cured' of HIV using bone marrow

Post by MollyMaeDaniels » Tue Mar 05, 2019 9:50 am

Sorry - copying/pasting from my other post - too lazy to rewrite. ... tient.html

There is natural immunity to HIV. It's estimated that around 1% of the white (sorry if that isn't PC) population descended from NW Europe carry this mutation. It is thought that it may have given protection/immunity from the Black Plague back in the day. Basically, in people with this genetic mutation, they do not make the 'door' (CCr5 receptor) that HIV uses to get into your cells, so it cannot hijack the cell and replicate itself. I haven't delved much deeper into this than that, so I don't know if someone with the mutation is a carrier and can pass on the virus to another person or not. So, in this instance, and the first instance (called the Berlin Patient), the bone marrow donor had this genetic mutation. The HIV patient starting replicating the donors bone marrow, which has stem cells and make white blood cells (immune system cells), which have the mutation, and now HIV can't get into the mutated cells.
Another cool thing: 23 & me DNA testing tests you for this mutation, yet they do not tell you if you have it or not (thank the FDA for this). But, 23 & me gives you your raw DNA, and you can see if you have it or not on another DNA database called (costs an extra $5 or $10 to run your raw DNA thru the promethease). You can message me if you need help with this.

Another thing, HIV mutates FAST. Actually, all viruses mutate fast, but HIV is really a speedster. If you do find out you have this immunity, please remember that due to the nature of HIV mutation rate, you may not be 100% immune to all the various mutated types of HIV. So don't go wild at an HIV+ sex club lol.

First cured patient:

HIV resistance gene more info:
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