Rick's Cabaret - Chicago

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Rick's Cabaret - Chicago

Post by zero_nerves » Wed Jun 29, 2022 4:33 am

Rick's Cabaret Chicago
1531 N Kingsbury St, Chicago, IL 60642

$20 cover
$20 floor dances
$150 for 3 songs in back

It was a Sunday night and Father's day and I was driving south again. I made a stop near the city so I figured I'd see about a strip club in the area. I had never been here before and not familiar with the neighborhood. It must be a really nice place, there was a giant Whole Foods and REI store across the street. And there was a night club with no sign next door which I would later learn was PRYSM. The folks waiting outside that club were young, hot, and fashionable, so i guess it must be a nice place too.

There was an unaffiliated valet lot next door for $20, but I found street parking for free. No line in front of Rick's. Moderately busy. Medium size space, 1 stage. Young crowd, I may have been the oldest one in there. All the dancers were young and fit. Lots of "bottle service" deliveries with light shows. Lots of female patrons, mostly with large parties of mixed genders. Some groups were very well dressed, maybe they were coming from that night club.

The design was kinda swanky. There was a bathroom attendant. I actually recognized him from the bathroom at Polecatz, the disabled guy. The bartenders were pretty busy with orders for the larger parties, and was hard to get their attention. Drinks were probably pricey, but not sure, I just drank some soft drinks since I was driving soon. It was a total of $15 for two soft drinks and a water for a dancer. Sunday is "industry night" and bottles are half off ($175 was the cheapest).

The first girl I saw on stage approached me at the bar after her set and gave me the general details. Her name was Nina, and she was visiting from texas or something. I got some floor dances with her. These dances happen at the peripheral seats of the main area. Out in plain view, but nobody is looking in that direction. She did a great job, and I was considering upgrading to the 3-song deal in the back.

Since i just got there I figured I'd wait a bit and scope things out. Didn't get approached by anyone else really. As it was getting near the end of the night I flagged down someone who looks available. I had not been trying to get her attention earlier, because she looked too hot to be good at this. She took me back and gave me a very mediocre experience. She repeated two moves only with a very light touch, and didn't get too close. I let her do her thing for the first song, tried to lead her more for the second but was rejected. And for the 3rd I almost just got up and left.

Oh well. I should have just gotten Nina when i had her.

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Re: Rick's Cabaret - Chicago

Post by YAG » Sun Jul 17, 2022 1:18 pm

I was there once, 6 or 7 years ago. Gorgeous dancers, sounds like the overall experience remains as lame.
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